"To arms citizens, we’re being invaded! Stop migration….! "

 A letter from Mamadou Cissokho, honorary President of ROPPA

"Public policies for food sovereignty" - a discussion paper

The role of public policies for agricultural and food systems

Eva Daudi: the key role of women in agriculture and agroecology

"We secure food for all the world" says the Tanzanian farmer

Scuola della Terra in Sardinia: a review on food sovereignty

From September to November, four events on food sovereignty

VIIth International Conference of La Via Campesina

From the 16th to the 24th of July, at the Basque Country

Market at Km zero: who’s who in the Somali livestock market?

An analysis of a very complex system, based on trust

The time is ripe for the recognition and protection of peasants' rights

A joint statement on the UN declaration on Peasants' Rights

#StopCorporateAbuse with a binding treaty

A global movement to protect human rights

Peasants: special protection is needed!

Join the movement and ask for the adoption of the UN Declaration on Peasants’ Rights!

No peasants, no food. Let’s grow their rights!

Join the movement for Peasants’ Rights and ask the EU and its Member States to actively participate in good faith in the elaboration of a "UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and other People Working in Rural Areas".
Demand from your Ministry of Foreign Affairs to recognize Peasants’ Rights, including their rights to land, seeds, biodiversity, decent income and livelihood and the means of production.
Demand the right of peoples to food sovereignty ORA by signing this petition!

The future of agriculture deserves better than Syngenta

FIAN Belgium on the Forum for the Future of Agriculture

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