Scuola della Terra in Sardinia: a review on food sovereignty

This year edition of the "School of Land" in Sardinia will be focused on food sovereignty and national and international expert will highlight its differents aspects in four events between September and November.
This "Review on Food Sovereignty" is organised in collaboration with Terra Nuova, the Sandalia Sustainability Film Festival and the association "Terra Promessa".

The programme

​September, 30 - Norbello (OR)

​Agroecology and new peasant farmers

9.30h - Seminar-debate: Being a peasant farmer today: return to the land as an anti-crisis measure with Elisa D'Aloiso (Terra Contadina) and Alessandra Turco (ARI)

15.00h - Viewing of documentaries on: Agro-ecosystems and multifunctional agriculture by Sandalia Sustainability Film Festival


​October, 7 - Abbasanta (OR)

​Common good, territorial governance and civic uses

9.30h  - Open meeting: Natural goods and communities as seen through private, public and civic interests with an introduction by Fabio Parascandolo (geographer, University of Cagliari), "Sardinian experience on territorial self-governance - Ppr" by Gian Valerio Sanna (engineer and former assessor of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia), "The civic use: a tool to preserve rural economy. The case of Oniferi Municipality" by Stefania Piras (Mayor of Oniferi-NU); "Regenerate the soils to regenerat​e the societies: the agroecological approach as a sustainable developmente alternative" by Davide Bochicchio (veterinary, PhD, Deafal NGO).

A speech by Stefano Deliperi (Gruppo di Intervento Giuridico onlus, Cagliari) is foreseen.

15.00h - World Cafè on the themes of the morning by Irene Meloni (Associazione AnimaMente Territorio - Abbasanta).


​November, 18 - Selegas (CA)

Public policies and local markets for food sovereignty

9.30h - Open meeting: Analysis of recommendations endorsed by the World Food Security Committee (CFS) on territorial markets, with a focus on territorial markets and their role in food sovereignty in Sardinia. With Nora Mc Keon (NGO Terra Nuova - Rome), Maurizio Fadda (president of Associazione Biosardinia - Nuoro), Efisio Perra (chairman of Coldiretti - provincial headquarters of Cagliari), Fulvio Tocco (ex-presidente della Provincia del Medio Campidano).

15.00h - Markets and workshops on peasant farmer markets, and - simultaneously - animation for young children by the non-profit organization Pachamama - Assemini.

18.00h - Screenings on food communities and local food systems, by Sandalia Sustainability Film Festival.


​November, 25 - Selegas (CA)

Environmental education and network of life. Paths for a necessary turnaround

9.30h - Seminar: Biological wonders. Incarnate experiences, science metamorphoses, and educational and training issues with Andreas Weber (biologist, philosopher and writer - Universität der Künste, Berlin)

15.00h - Open meeting: The Garden of Wonders: working the land as an educational opportunity with Ausilia Medda and Daniele Altieri (pedagogues, Association SpazioAccaonlus - QuartuSant 'Elena)



With the contribution of RAS (Autonomous Region of Sardinia), Fondazione Sardegna, the campaign Hands on the Land for Food Sovereignty and the municipalities of Abbasanta, Norbello and Selegas.

With the scientific patronage of University of Cagliari (Dipartimento di Storia, Beni Culturali e Territorio, Società dei Territorialisti/e and the Italian Geographic Society.