• CentroAmerica Diferente [21,5kB]

    The project aims to develop an integrated strategy for action at national and regional level, to promote and defend the rights of the LGBTI community in Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

  • Municipal spaces for intercultural dialogue between the State and Original Populations. [22,7kB]

    Tre project wants to contribute to building human rights-based models of development and government processes, designed to improve the quality of life of the poorest in society, strengthen the capacities of local indigenous stakeholders to manage and influence those processes, consolidate inclusive and intercultural municipal spaces for dialogue between the State and Original Populations, based on green economy initiatives in native communities. In VRAEM (Valley of the River Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro).

  • Municipios amigables con su gente [18,2kB]

    This project aims to support dialogue between local civil society organisations in order to boost the process of decentralisation, promote participation and reduce discrimination linked to sexual identity and orientation. In in three major municipalities with significance to Guatemala.

  • Reducing the vulnerability of communities in Turkana [17,3kB]

    The project intends to make the communities of Turkana, Kenya, less vulnerable by improving their access to markets, and the added value of livestock and animal products.

  • Towards a system of participative organic certification in the Amazon [32,1kB]

    The project intends to promote food security, access to local markets and the active participation of indigenous populations in the local economy, marketing fish and agricultural crops produced using methods that respect Amazonian biodiversity and strengthen the Organic Production System. In Loreto and Ucayali, Perù.

  • Tsiroti de paz - inclusive, intercultural communication for peace [28,3kB]

    The aim of the project is to make a collective contribution to a culture of peace, as a necessary starting point for democratic governability and development, through the strategic use of inclusive, intercultural communication and with a particular focus on gender issues, to prevent and manage conflict in the VRAEM (Valley of the River Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro).

  • From waste to fuel - Nairobi women's 'briquettes' [17,7kB]

    The project aims to develop a network for training and entrepreneurship in the field of sustainable energy and to contribute to the development of community, with particular focus on marginalised women. In Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Reactivating agriculture, improving emergency health and education facilities in the Koro 'cercle' [23,6kB]

    The project intends to strengthen the resilience of local communities (in particular those more vulnerable sections of the community that may be more receptive: farmers, women of childbearing age, children) and improve basic health and education facilities in the Koro 'cercle', Mali.

  • Reinforcing Animal Health Services in Somalia (RAHS) [27,8kB]

    The goal of the project is to improve the quality, access to and sustainability of animal health services in Somalia, in order to support livestock production and trade.