Fair Economy

The social, solidarity-based economy is an innovative economic model that is locally based, generates knowledge, goods and community services based on cooperation (rather than competition) between different actors and sectors. It recognises the value of people and their needs, abilities, and work, and promotes inclusion and social cohesion.

Terra Nuova works with and believes in the values of the social economy, such as solidarity, collaboration, sharing, responsibility, co-participation, co-construction, equality, inclusion, social justice, cohesion and social utility.

In each of its income- and employment-generating activities, Terra Nuova tries to:

  • Foster social relationships and connections based on cooperation, reciprocity, value (rather than price) and community;
  • Stimulate the development of organisational structures that are compatible with the social and solidarity-based economy (cooperatives, pre-cooperatives, mutual support groups, membership-based companies, microcredit groups with horizontal mechanisms etc);
  • Provide qualified assistance to experimental social companies starting out in the territories we work in, create links between them and promote healthy 'networked' cooperation;
  • Promote the exchange of information and experiences in the social economy, as well as mutual enrichment between North and South but also South-South.