Securing communal lands and forests

Women are more affected by land grabbing


The "Divseek Initiative" and the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources

A note by IPC


A UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants is more urgent than ever

From the Global Peasants' Rights Congress


The changing narrative of education for girls in the Somali ecosystem

The important role of ISTVS

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Featured project

The ISTVS aims at contributing to the sustainable development of arid and semi-arid areas in the Horn of Africa through education, skills development, research and adequate technology development and transfer. Launched as a project in 2002, implemented by Terra Nuova, ISTVS is now a fully fledged tertiary training institution, with accreditation from regional univerisites, and a research centre preserving traditional and generating new knowledge in livestock and agriculture, natural resource management, socioeconomics and marketing. In 2012 it was adopted by the IGAD as one of its regional institutions. Thanks to ISTVS, communities' resilence will be enhanced, thereby reducing poverty, and addressing food insecurity and environmental degradation.